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Coal is one of the world’s most important source of energy. It has been the world’s fastest growing energy source and has remained the favorable fuel for many countries in recent years, in fact of economical reason, faster than gas, oil, nuclear, hydro and renewable energies. In response to an increasing demand for coal around the world, especially in Indonesia itself.

PT Kunz Primera Pratama (KPP) was first founded at 2018. Before KPP was founded, we had experience in coal trading since 2010 using a different company name. KPP is one of the leading independent coal mining developer and trader in world wide, seeking and supplying a wide range of coal types to domestic and international markets. By using state of the art technology and own trading platform.

KPP will be a low cost profitable operator in the trading industry. To be strives continuously to improve its product’s quality and overall performance in order to achieve a long term and mutual partnership with its customers.

Our focus

With the expertises in coal energy business with many years of experience, PT KUNZ PRIMERA PRATAMA always brings precise quality coal, timely delivery schedule, competitive price to meet different requirements and needs of customers. Professionalism in each department, high responsibility in order to provide customers with stable and quality coal supply​
Competitive Price

By establishing a good relationship with the mining sources, we can get a desired price.

Precise Quality

By filtering trusted and experienced mines, we get the precise quality coal our customers need.

Receive On Time

Based on various business experiences and global networks, we can deliver coal on time.​

Continuity Supply

We work with mines that have large production quotas, so that continuity supply is maintained.​

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Customer Base

PT KUNZ PRIMERA PRATAMA has, since 2018, conducted successful and continues supply of coal to various well renowned end users and clients, both in Indonesia and abroad. Our quality of service and excellent reliability have enabled us establish a strong customer base.​

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Our Services

We will to provide excellence service to meet various needs of customers all over the world. We create the best value that contributes not only benefits of domestic and international customers and business partners but also the development of a global society.


Transparency is key for us, so we communicate all trading activity to the customer. So can help customers effectively manage the risk. We will provide online monitoring system for our client.


We provide regular project reports with photos and videos. So that customers can monitor project activities up to date when loading activities.

& Fairness

We provide convenience and fairness in transactions, so as to produce beneficial cooperation for both parties.


The project manage by professionals equipped with in-depth experience in the business of commodity transportation, market intelligence, distribution, marketing, trading, and finance. We are proud to the excellence service to our curtomers.


Product Highlights

We understand your requirement and provide quality works. Our coal price is reliable, transparent and objective, as it is derived directly from the trusted mine. We offer a variety of packages to meet your needs:
GCV 6500-6000 (ARB)


Calorific Value

Total Moisture (ARB)        : 8-12%

Inherent Moisture (ADB)  : 2-8%

Ash Content (ADB)           : 12-14%

Volatile Matter (ADB)       : 38-44%

Total Sulphur (ADB)          : 1% max

Fixed Carbon (ADB)          : Difference

HGI                                       : 40-50

Size 0-50 mm +/-               : 90% min

            50 mm up                : 10% max

GCV 5800-5000 (ARB)​


Calorific Value

Total Moisture (ARB)        : 18-30%

Inherent Moisture (ADB)  : 8-12%

Ash Content (ADB)           : 10-12%

Volatile Matter (ADB)       : 38-45%

Total Sulphur (ADB)          : 1% max

Fixed Carbon (ADB)          : Difference

HGI                                       : 40-50

Size 0-50 mm +/-               : 90% min

            50 mm up                : 10% max

GCV 4600-4000 (ARB)​


Calorific Value

Total Moisture (ARB)        : 30-37%

Inherent Moisture (ADB)  : 14-16%

Ash Content (ADB)           : 10-14%

Volatile Matter (ADB)       : 38-45%

Total Sulphur (ADB)          : 1% max

Fixed Carbon (ADB)          : Difference

HGI                                       : 40-50

Size 0-50 mm +/-               : 90% min

            50 mm up                : 10% max


Our Team

We have a team of well-experienced personnel owning well-informed, strong and well-established across the coal value chain from the ground up to the end-buyers. We will provide optimal solutions to meet various needs of customers all over the world​

Why Select Us?

We have an extensive coal mining network, making it easier for us to get a big quota supply of coal with a variety caloric value, high quality and competitive price.​

We provide high quality coal according to the required caloric value with a competitive price

Big Quota

We are guaranteed a large quota supply from the mine so as to maintain the continuity of coal supply.


We have good relathionship with plenty mining sources with various coal caloric value.


We have sell coal to leading cement producers, steel mills, chemical plants and other industrial users throughout the world.


We are very strict in following the schedule to avoid losses that occur due to delays in loading activity and cargo delivery.


We are a company that has a good reputation in maintaining relationships with mines and buyers.

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